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UK Bookmakers Guide

All around the world bookmakers and sportbooks exist. In UK, particularly, bookmakers have a great standing, and have developed an interest in world class gamblers. This way, new and regular gamblers sometimes get confused about what or which bookmakers are the best for betting and which of them offer the best odds. That is why there are some guides that help to figure it out. These guides are all around the net, and any person is available to read them. But, what these guides are about? That’s simple!

Some guides help to understand the process of betting, and some others to understand how betting sites work. Nevertheless, bookmakers guide will always include steps, tips and recommendations for those gamblers who are new in this world of gambling.

The first and main question every gambler asks is: What should I look for in a bookmaker? Although it might sound crazy, it is a good question. If you do not know what to look for, then you could sign up in a bad reputation bookmaker and you could be swindled. For a good bookmaker, all you need to know is what are the services and what are the promotions and bonuses it offers; how many users it has and, it is recommended to read a review of the bookie.

Others things gamblers should know about bookmakers are: What are the options it offers for deposits and withdraws; what are the odds and promotions that it has and what events or sports contains these odds. Also, if the bookmaker gives a bonus to those new gamblers, it is a good sign. BUT the most important aspect to take into consideration is: How easy or complicated would be the bookmaker to control or place bets for any type of gamblers. The best recommendation: A bookmaker easy to bet is a good bookmaker!

History of 3D Animation

The Early Steps

While experiments on 3D animation began as early as the 1940s, it wasn’t until the mid-1970s, when computer technology was firmly entrenched in filmmaking, that real efforts began to give the traditional 2D graphics a three-dimensional touch. The traditional 2D animation still dominated, but consistent steps were taken by filmmakers to create a more realistic animation production that would hold more depth and impact.

Clay-mation Animations

While the most famous name associated with CGI animations is Pixar, launched in 1985, it was by no means the first one. The first concrete step towards 3D animations was the launch of clay-mation or clay animation, a type of stop-motion animation, during the 1960s.
This technique made use of real-life clay models or figures, usually made from Plasticine. The models were placed in certain positions, the scene was shot, then the models were repositioned and the second scene was recorded. This continued until the filmmakers had shot several pictures, which were stringed together to make an animated film. Stop-motion animation has generated many popular animations including Shawn the Sheep, Wallace and Gromit, and Gumby.

William Fetter

American art director William Fetter is widely regarded as the pioneer of 3D animation. In the 1960s, Fetter worked as an engineer in Boeing, where he used computer graphics to design and animate different models. In 1964, he designed the first ever computer-generated model of the human body, which was nicknamed the “Boeing Man.”

Other Developments

The introduction of the Boeing Man ushered in further developments in the field of 3D animation. In 1972, computer scientist Frederic Parke created the first CG human face. In 1973, Edwin Catmull designed an animated model of his hand. This animation was later used in the 1976 movie, Futureworld, the first feature film that used the CGI technology. Both Parke and Catmull worked together in the movie, which featured an animated face and hand.

The Star Wars Franchise

In 1977, the film, Star Wars Episode IV: The New Hope, used computer graphics to enhance scene effects. The film’s massive commercial success paved a new era of 3D animated films, which became a mainstream feature of the film industry.

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Live Dealer UK Casino Games

There are a few UK casino websites that have live dealer games available. These games are normally popular among players and those casinos that have these live dealer games, are also of the best and most popular online casinos on the market. Here are a few of the best UK casinos where you will find live dealer games.

William Hill casino

The one thing that is making this casino one of the best UK casinos where you can find live dealer games, is because there not one live casino platform, but two. This means that you will have a much larger variety of games that you can play, and more chances of winning.
Another thing that is making this casino great is the fact that they have great welcoming bonuses when you are sign up for the first time.

Eurogrand casino

The second UK casino that you can go to for live dealer games is Eurogrand casino. They have a great live casino platform where you can play all kinds of different games that are live. Some of the games that you will be able to play with a live dealer are Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. They also have great welcoming bonuses and free spins when you are signing up with them.

Slots Heaven Casino

Slots Heaven Casino is another great casino where you can find a great live casino platform. This casino might be still on the new side, but it is already becoming one of the favorite UK casinos on the market. This casino has a neon theme, and you can also play games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat with a live dealer.

For most people playing live dealer games in UK casinos is a lot of fun. It really gives a feeling of being in a real casino. Except that you are actually playing from your computer at home. You will find a lot of live dealer UK casinos, but these three are just among the favorites to go to.

The Right Gambling Attitude

Even if you know the rules of your chosen casino game backwards, can recite the casino odds and edge in your sleep, and walk and talk ‘winning gambling strategy‘, without the proper or ‘right gambling attitude‘, you may as well take up knitting.

First off, you need to learn to keep your emotions in check when gambling. To be a successful online gambler you must play with your head. Always. In a recent survey, many professional gamblers admitted that their biggest struggles lay not with online casinos, but within themselves.

When gambling online, the key is not to follow your heart but instead maintain a sharp mental awareness at all times. This is particularly true with regard to the length of your online gambling sessions, the size of your bets and, probably most importantly, recognizing when to quit.

Online casinos do not simply provide user-friendly platforms for gamblers to gamble on. They bombard you with subtle psychological barriers designed to ensure that you keep losing and prevent you from leaving with any winnings. This is why a positive mental attitude at all times is crucial. When signup in a playtech casino and choosing your best game, always, repeat, always expect to win as opposed to lose.

While with any form of gambling there are no guarantees that you will win, equally, there are no guarantees that you will lose. As any seasoned professional gambler will tell you, no matter how skilled or clever a player you are, you will experience good days and bad days. The important thing is to recognize that having a bad run is part and parcel of online gambling.

You don’t need to ‘throw your arms up in the air‘ and battle on until you are out of cash. Instead, you need to think straight, log out and prepare to come back another day. Far too many online gamblers don’t understand that a small profit is much better than no profit or a loss. Get rid of the ‘just one more hand, spin of the wheel or roll of the dice’ attitude. You won’t regret it in the long run.

While this may all seem logical, in practice forming the right gambling attitude takes a lot of work and discipline. However, once acquired and maintained, the right attitude will help turn you into a more stable and consistent gambler. Most importantly, you will empower yourself to gain the maximum enjoyment and fun from playing on the best casino games in the safest casinos has to offer. For a great online casino, try River Nile Casino today.

Tips about Blackjack

When it comes to casinos, either landbase or internet casinos, one of the most popular games is Blackjack. It is a very fun game that will provide players with lots of entertainment. If you are new to the gambling market and do not know a whole lot about Blackjack there is no need to worry. It is a rather simple game and is very quick to catch on to. The rules are pretty simple and speak for themselves. Blackjack does have some risk to it just like any other casino game. Here are some tips about Blackjack to help you out in the long run. Here are the most popular sites to play BJ

Playing to Win

Blackjack is a pretty simple game once you take a look at the basic rules. The main object of the game is to come as close to the score 21 as you possibly can. You do not want to go over 21 or that will result in a loss. Each card is taken at its face value except for the jack, queen, and king which are 10 points each and the Ace which can either be used as an 11 or a 1, whichever the player decides. You are initially given to cards, one face up and one face down for only you to see. The first step in playing to win is figuring out to take a “hit” which means you will take another card or to “pass” and stay where you are. It is a general rule of thumb that if you have any score under 10 you are going to want to take a hit. There will be no way for you to “bust” because the highest card you can get would be the Ace which you can decide how to use so that it wouldn’t put you over. If you do decide to take the first “hit” you are then going to want to reassess your situation. If your cards are now totaling up to say 15 to 17 you will be taking a big risk trying to get close to 21. However that is the whole point of the game, to provide fun and excitement!

Don’t Worry and Have Fun

After you get into the hang of Blackjack you will develop skills that will help you out in your gameplay. Don’t stress out if you aren’t doing as well as you had hoped when you first start out. It really is a learning process no matter how simple the game is. The longer you play the better you will get at the game. It is all about taking risks and having fun just like you would with any other casino game that is available to play. The number one thing to remember is to have fun with the game. If you are stressing out about everything it will not be very much fun. No matter how good of a player you are there will always be times that you lose a game and that is an important fact to remember.